Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 29

July 24, 2017

The technical issue galore episode, yup!

So, let's dive into the issues, shall we? So - this week, after a 3 week hiatus, I fixed the issue that caused us to have a broken microphone. That means Eric and Nate are back together again with our own mics! Should be a great audio experience! Except... well... our "virtual mixer" we use to combine the mics into a single audio source screwed up after about an hour and 20 minutes, making the the final hour of the podcast unusable.

We have backup audio though, right? Sure, through the camera and while it's not ideal, we can make it work! But... the camera itself died 20 minutes after the mic issue happened (unknown to us, btw. This is the downfall of not having someone behind the scene monitoring this stuff).

To make matters worse, Nate forgot to charge the bluetooth adapter and the bluetooth headphones. This week, we had FiveJayGaming on who we would normally listen to through these headsets. Without them, we had to have him on in the background at a low enough level that our mics didn't pick him up. Mission successful!

Save for the fact our mics stopped working properly due to a mixer issue. This meant the backup audio was used and... well... it obviously was picking up FiveJay. This made the audio for the podcast a COMPLETE nightmare.

So, we salvaged what we can. No, it doesn't sound good. Yes, it abruptly just stops. We're aware of all of the various issues this week. We really, really need to get a proper mixer up in this setup pronto.


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